Ep390 Js Sr Hockey Elbow Pads 2018

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  • Ep390 Js Sr Hockey Elbow Pads 2018
Ep390 Js Sr Hockey Elbow Pads 2018
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The CCM JetSpeed FT390 Elbow Pads boast elite-level protection, mobility and comfort but are available at a more affordable price. The forearm guard utilizes nearly 360-degree PE insert reinforcement for maximum coverage, while the DryFoam topping prevents the pad from absorbing water and getting heavier. The FT390's bicep has been totally redesigned too. It has a new PE outer shell for an excellent boost in protection while the new, unique arched strap provides next-level security and comfort.
CCM also re-worked the overall construction by allowing the forearm guard to flex independently of the elbow cap. While it is still fastened by nylon to the cap, it still allows players enhanced range of motion without sacrificing the protection-level of the elbow pad. For improved comfort and moisture-management, CCM gave the FT390 a laminated, brushed and DryFoam Liner. While it is softer and more comfortable, these materials keep the elbow pad lightweight and dry all game long by preventing water absorption.

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